Football For Life


The JSFA 'Football For Life' campaign is the official charity arm of the Coca-Cola League focused on children in need. In 2013, as a football community, we will be working with close to 3500 students between the ages of 8 and 16 from 62 schools and deliver 1000 football matches across 10 separate venues in Jakarta. We also want to channel that energy, organization and momentum towards the less privileged children in the Jakarta area and particularly to those who we can help.

The 'FFL' (as it has already become known) will work together with the JSFA main committee to identify children in need of our help. We want to touch the lives of underprivileged children in a positive way and not just with financial support. The JSFA experience is one of inclusion and we want to establish an environment of caring for what children need. Initially, we are looking at working with organizations like 'Rachel House' who helps terminally ill children suffering with HIV related illnesses and terminal cancer. In addition, we are looking to develop our existing links with 'Sekolah Bisa', the micro school for Kampung kinds who would otherwise not receive an education. Patty Abidin and her committee will be focusing on raising funds from within the JSFA community to help further pro-active initiatives and build a service delivery platform which involves JSFA students and parents who attend our games and the JSFA community as a whole. This website link will be announcing a series of events and competitions including appeals to support ideas to channel support funding and services.

We want our teams to take onboard a 'FFL' responsibility starting with offers to 'adopt a child' to bring to games as a supporter for league matches. This includes arranging, in conjunction with FFL, the transportation, feeding and overall well-being of a child on match-days to become a team supporter and to share the match-day experience. We will provide further information to you on this shortly..

To reach out to underprivileged children in need and provide emotional, financial and concerned support to individuals and organizations who share similar ideals and objectives using the resources of the Jakarta Schools Football League.


To become a highly valued supporter of children's charity organizations in the eyes of the wider Jakarta community and to utilize the awareness, focus and active support of children and parents associated within the JSFA community in delivering workable and value-added services to children in need.
    Rachel House

Rachel House is the first pediatric palliative care service in Indonesia, providing pain and symptom management for children in the final stages of their illness, free of charge. Without the service, many children from poor families spend their last days in horrific pain without medical assistance.

In the 4 years since it began providing the service, Rachel House has created a sector-wide impact in the healthcare industry in Indonesia. It has successfully introduced the concept of palliative care to a large number of medical professionals from the public and private healthcare systems, and has extended its outreach to medical and nursing schools as far as the West Java Province.

Rachel House was founded in the hope that no child would ever have to die in pain, without love and care. It is built on the principle that “we are not here to add days to the children’s lives, but to add life to their remaining days”.

Its mission is to provide palliative care for children with life-threatening conditions allowing them to live their remaining days with joy and dignity in a non-discriminatory, safe and loving environment.

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